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Resonance is an innovative patient-centered software application designed for hospitals. Resonance manages the patient’s journey from admission through to discharge. All patient-related exams are displayed and scheduled using Resonance directly by the caregivers.
Hospitals using Resonance experience increased patient satisfaction & engagement.

Departmental App

where Cardiology, Radiology, Theatre, Physiotherapy, etc. can manage their in-patient schedule, identify scheduling conflicts, communicate directly with wards and monitor all pre-procedure work in real-time.

Wards App

Where nurses and doctors can see in real-time when each procedure for their patients will be performed, communicate directly with the relevant department, acknowledge pre-procedure work is completed

Physiotherapy App

Where Physiotherapists and Porters can manage the allocation of mobility aids for any patients requiring assistance travelling from ward to department. Times of procedures for these patients are collated and updated in real-time from all the departmental screens.

House-keeping App

A screen deployed in each ward used to manage the daily cleaning of every room and bed within the hospital.  Times of procedures and where beds will be empty is collated and updated in real-time from all the departmental screens.

Discharge App

Complementing the Ward screen, allows nurses and doctors to update the expected discharge date and time of each patient.

Admissions App

Combines the expected discharge date and real-time cleaning information, so that Admissions staff are aware of the status of every room in the hospital and allocate rooms to waiting for patients with minimal turnover time.

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