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Our Clients

Galway Clinic

Resonance was developed in the Galway Clinic, a 180 bed hospital in the west of Ireland. It has helped the Galway Clinic reduce patient waiting times, increase productivity, and to improve the overall patient journey through the hospital. Orders for departments such as CT or MRI, on average are now processed in less than 2 hours from the doctor ordering the procedure to the scan being completed. This is unprecedented and a testament to the efficiency of the staff given the tools to communicate effectively.

Prep work completion rates, such as “Patient Fasting” and “Cannulation”, have dramatically increased. This means that patients are correctly prepared in their rooms before being sent for procedures. This reduces patient waiting times in departments and ensures that their procedures are performed in the allocated time slots. This in turn improves the utilization of limited resources such as MRI or CT scanners as well as the staff required to operate them and ensures that these costly resources are used to their optimum level.

Dependency on phone calls and paper to communicate has dropped dramatically. Nursing staff have driven the demand to roll-out Resonance throughout the hospital as it simplified their communication with all the different departments. This new channel of communication has been hugely successful with hundreds of orders for Theatre, Radiology & Cardiology are being scheduled every week.

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